The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

Winston Churchill

What I do

I joined PROS in 2011 as the product manager for PROS Stratus.

I attended Stanford University where I earned a B.S. in Management Science and Engineering. I also earned a minor in Environmental Engineering and studied abroad in Australia and Berlin, Germany.

All the greatest things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: Freedom; Justice; Honour; Duty; Mercy; Hope.

Winston Churchill

Who I am

I love to travel. I have visited 24 countries and have accrued over 1.5 million airline miles.

As an Eagle Scout, I am committed to the core values outlined in the Scout Law as well as the principle of serving in my community. I work with the Emerge Fellowship, an organization committed to educating top-performing students in the bottom quartile of income about their college opportunities.

My Work

I pride myself on being a problem solver. I love to develop creative solutions to interesting problems.
Please see below for a variety of examples of my work.

Walt Disney Imagineering

Hide-and-Seek with Ontologies

While interning at Walt Disney Imagineering in Research and Development, Disney's Chief Scientist tasked me with helping solve an environmental challenge at Disneyland. By law, Disney must provide MSDSs for every chemical used on site at the location where it is used. When Environmental Compliance conducts a routine audit of the waste stream and finds a chemical not documented, they must find the location where it is being used in order to supply the necessary MSDS. Today, they must search all of the 10,000+ locations chemicals are used on site.

I created an ontological model connecting chemicals to their known usage categories and the existing MSDS database containing location information. Using my proof-of-concept tool, an auditor could select a chemical, then view a list of usage categories or a probability-ranked list of potential locations where the chemical is used. Armed with a prioritized list of locations, the auditor likely has to search fewer locations in order to find the chemical's location thereby saving a significant time and resources.


New Product Development

At PROS, I worked on numerous projects, but chiefly PROS Stratus in a product management capacity. I pioneered the development of product business plans and developed extensive models for predicting cloud infrastructure usage and costs.

In addition to product management, I was heavily involved in the product marketing role, and I worked with Microsoft and other ISVs to ensure effective utilization and integration of PROS products.


Why are editors leaving?

My senior project at Stanford was part of the Wikimedia Editor Trends Study. My team discovered that the typical 80/20 rule doesn't apply to edits on Wikipedia. Instead, it's closer to 97/3. That's right, about 97% of the edits on Wikipedia are made by just 3% of the editors.

For this project, I secured a grant from Amazon Web Services so that we could access sufficient processing power to analyze every edit ever made on the English Wikipedia.

Sea Level Rise

Could we adapt?

I walked into the wrong room freshman year at Stanford and got involved with SUPERSLR. The question: could seaports around the world protect themselves against 2 meters of sea level rise, and does enough construction capacity exist to meet the additional demand from such a massive project?


Estimating Climate-Critical Resources: Global Cement Capacity • Journal of Construction Innovation: Information, Process, and Management

Will Ports Become Forts? Climate Change Impacts, Opportunities, and Challenges • Terra et Aqua

Map Making

Visualizing Travel

I have had a lifelong passion for commercial aviation. I collected model airplanes starting at an early age. Additionally, I have always been fascinated with maps.

Combining my passions, I created a map of every airline route in the world. You can purchase it as a poster at Zazzle.

All types of maps interest me, and I have always wanted to create a subway map. For my 2012 holiday card, I extended a jquery plugin for drawing subway maps, then created a subway map of my 2012 travel.

Smartphone Apps

Now scanning...

I have always been fascinated by technology, and the smartphone and app revolution are no exception. I used to be a diehard BlackBerry fan, but I never could find a good barcode scanning app, so I made my own.

Check out SimpleScanner for BlackBerry
Note: only works on devices with an auto-focus camera

Emerge Fellowship

Inspiring Young Minds

The Emerge Fellowship is a nonprofit organization committed to educating top-performing students in the lowest quartile of household income about their opportunities in higher education and beyond.

I worked with the Emerge education team to define and analyze the data that needs to be captured in order to determine the program's efficiency and efficacy across student cohorts.

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